Mixed 12 pack

Mixed 12 pack

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This mixed 12 pack contains:

6 x Belter
Hops: Hallertua Blanc and Hallertua Hersbrucker
Malt: Lager, Chit malt, Wheat, Carapils
This lager is different from the rest. It combines traditional and modern German hop varieties from the Hallertua region with a crisp refreshing lager brewed with Chit malt, Wheat, and Carapils for a luxurious foam.


6 x These streets

Style: Pale ale 

Abv: 4%
Hops: Citra and Azzaca
Paisley is well known for it's pattern (see can) Music and arts (see name) and now beer (see contents). This beer much like the song it's named after is an ode to Paisley. We are planning to open the first brewery in the town for 130 years check us out on social media to learn more.